Advantages Of Cedar Hot Tub Auckland

There are a number of advantages of investing in a hot tub. It is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and rejuvenate. It has been proven that massage combined with hot water helps in increasing blood circulation in the body that relaxes your muscles and decreases muscle tension. Increased blood circulation also results in higher oxygen absorption in the bloodstream that enhances your energy levels. Hot tubs are also great for decreasing inflammation and recovering from injuries.

There are many different types of hot tubs available in the market including cedar hot tub Auckland as well as hot tubs made of acrylic and fiber among other things. While hot tubs made of fiber or acrylic have their own advantages, but cedar hot tub Auckland has a number of advantages over the traditional hot tubs.

One of the biggest advantages is that these hot tubs are deeper than the traditional tubs which means more people can fit in a hot tub made of wood as compared to a hot tub made of fiber with same diameter. While there are many companies offering a variety of hot tubs, one of the more well-known companies offering high quality cedar hot tub Auckland is Paradise Hot Tubs.

It is a New Zealand owned and operated company, and has been selling hot tubs for several years. They make high-quality hot tubs out of Canadian red cedar wood combined with an internal shell made of user-friendly thermoplastic. They offer a 10 year warranty for their hot tubs. Also, their volcanic water treatment helps in eliminating use of chemicals.

Currently, they offer hot tubs in three different sizes including small, medium and large. A small hot tub can accommodate up to 4 people whereas the large cedar hot tub can accommodate up to 8 people.

They offer three different heating options including electric, wood-fired as well as gas/wood-fired. In other words, you have a variety of heating options and are not solely dependent on electricity to get the most out of your cedar hot tub Auckland. Their unique design offers wood pieces around the top that works as a useful shelf as well as a comfortable headrest.

The outside of the tub is lined with beautiful cedar wood which is finished off with UV resistant wood oil and three stainless steel bands to keep things together. The internal shell is UV stabilized thermoplastic that is made in New Zealand. This unique internal shell offers several advantages over the traditional tubs including lower maintenance, no water discoloration and better hygiene among other things. The standard color is black but other colors are also available on demand.

The standard model includes two therapeutic massaging jets but the buyer has the option to upgrade to 6 jets. Since they sell directly to consumers, their prices also tend to be affordable and reasonable. They have been active in this business for several years and have earned rave reviews for their high-quality hot tubs at a reasonable price.

So, take advantage of the amazing hot tubs made by this company and get rid of aches and pains by soaking in a great looking and well-designed hot tub.